Hotel Solution

Hotel Website Builder

  • Professional, beautiful, SEO optimized
  • Easy to use & manage
  • Speed optimization
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Online sale optimization

Property Management System - PMS

  • Integrate many functions
  • Friendly, easy to use
  • Smart management
  • Optimized room using
  • Fast updating

Booking Engine

  • Easy & fast booking
  • Increase turnover
  • Saving time & cost
  • Direct connecting with customer
  • Clear organization & information

Channel Manager

  • Optimized room occupancy
  • Automatic, continuous updating the sales
  • Easy to adjust the price & number of available room in OTA, BE
  • Data is fully synchronized with PMS

Blue Jay Pos – Hotel Solution

Our hotel solution is always updated the new technology to bring the professional solution to your hotel


Do you want to have the better website than competitors? Do you need the special hotel website? We bring the professional, effective and SEO optimized website to your hotel

Many choices for website template

Every owner and manager in the industry needs an optimized and professional hotel website design to showcase their property. We bring to you:
  • Professional website template
  • Friendly & beautiful user interface
  • Easy to find the information
  • Easy to use

Direct connecting with customers

  • Our web builder has many methods to connect with customers and helps your hotel to sell the room: chat box, online booking, promotion deal
  • Multiple languages: Adding translations of your website to reach a more global audience and attract international guests
  • Easy & fast direct booking on the hotel website

Promote marketing & sales activity for your hotel

  • Build up hotel image in customer mind through the professional website
  • Online search optimization with many functions: Meta Tag, Meta Description, automatic google sitemap, image SEO...
  • Having the marketing tools and sales methods: Booking Engine, Flash Deal, Facebook, Youtube, TripAdvisor...

Blue Jay Pos promise to bring the professional website to your hotel with the suitable price

Blue Jay Pos – Professional Hotel Solution


Booking Engine is a professional way to sell your room by yourselves. We've created a commission-free booking engine. Guide your guests through the booking process step by step. More direct booking, more revenue


appreciate being offered the opportunity to book a room directly with a fast, easy and mobile friendly booking engine


Increase direct booking. Transform your website with an attractive, responsive and easy to use booking engine. With a commission-free, hotel can optimize the profit when selling in website


Using booking engine, customer can directly book the room. It saves the time to transfer data and confirm the room. Hotel can save commission cost when comparing with selling on OTA channel, it brings more profit to your hotel


Our booking engine is built for the independent hotel. It is directly connected with customers. We increase your return while reducing your costs to build up relationship with loyal customers

Booking Engine, a useful solution for the hotel

Blue Jay Pos – Professional Hotel Solution


Blue Jay Pos PMS is comprehensive, professional system for hotel. We deeply research and analyze hotel activities to bring the complete PMS. Transform your operations with our system, you and your staff will love

Integrate many functions

One simple screen, everything you need. Check availability & rates. Create, amend reservations and take payments in a few clicks. Access all your reports and checklists

Friendly & easy to use

Our hotel management software adapts to the way you run your property. Logic organization, big size words make users easy to understand, use and update information

Smart management

This PMS has all information which users need and with smart arrangement, it helps user be easy to find and input data

Optimized room using

In this PMS, customer can see the total available room, room occupancy to have the suitable sales promotion to increase the revenue

Fast updating information

Easy to update information. Welcome your guests in seconds. Create group or corporate bookings easily. All modules are updated as soon as inputting data

When our property management system is connected with channel manager, it brings some amazing solutions to increase the turnover to your hotel

Real time updating PMS when having OTA booking

As soon as having the booking on OTA, PMS will display the booking in the calendar. You can see the booking information from OTA channel in PMS in details

According room occupancy, price is automatically adjusted

Having the function to count the room occupancy, PMS transfers the data to channel manager & it can make the automatic adjustment for the price. It makes hotel owner easier to sell the room on OTA channel to increase the turnover

Automatic adjustment the number of room on OTA channel

Our PMS has function to count the availability in the system. According that, our channel manager can automatically adjust the number of room on OTA channel. It is optimized the sales for hotel

Unify information in PMS & Channel manager

Continuously update & transfer date between PMS & CMS. It helps hotel to understand the sales situation and have the promotion to sell in time

Choose the property management system, choose Blue Jay Pos PMS

Our soluitons not only save your time and money but also increase your revenue and productivity


Channel manager is connected between OTA, BE with Property Management System, it provides deep connectivity to the biggest online portals. Two-way & seamless integration export rates and availabilities from PMS & OTA helps hotel to increase the room occupancy and have great revenue

Optimize room occupancy

The number of available room is continuously updated in OTA as Agoda,, Expedia,…and Booking Engine
Channel manager automatically imports any bookings that you receive from external channels into your PMS

Automatic, continuous updating the sales

Use the channel manager to oversee all your bookings from PMS, allowing you to save time and effort for your hotel
Fast adjustment on OTA, fast selling the room

Automatic, continuous updating the sales

Use the channel manager to oversee all your bookings from PMS, allowing you to save time and effort for your hotel
Fast adjustment on OTA, fast selling the room

Easy to adjust the price & number of available room on OTA, BE

Comparing the price with competitors, hotel can apply the suitable price policy
Your OTA channels are always up-to-date. Availability, prices and restrictions are sent 2 way automatically between Hotels and the OTA channels

Smart function to increase revenue

  • Automatically adjust the room price according as room occupancy. System will reduce the price automatically if your room occupancy is low, it helps your hotel have more chances to sell and brings the revenue to hotel. Besides, it can help your hotel more profit when selling in peak season
  • Automatically adjust the availability based on the season, the room occupancy. It makes your hotel always competitive in the market

Channel Manager - Optimized to use the room, optimized the hotel revenue

Blue Jay Pos have the directly connect with OTA channel supplying, so we promise to provide the strong service with cheap cost


Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to know your need and satisfy your demand

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